“My Jehovah’s Witness,” A.J. Jacobs


4 Responses to “My Jehovah’s Witness,” A.J. Jacobs

  1. gmharris says:

    You didn’t “out Bible talk” a JW, you just took up so much of his time he had to get back to his family. You see, we do it like Jesus and the apostles did, we have jobs and family life and we preach the kingdom on our own time, no one gets paid, no one.

    • skyler h. says:

      thanks, i’m a JW too.. 🙂

    • But the watch tower organisation makes money out of the tracts, right?

      • sellmelies says:

        How could the Watchtower society make money off the tracts? They’re free and there is no advertising. Their entire work is non profit, funded by voluntary contributions. They don’t even pass around collection plates! And if this man was really sincere, why didn’t he accept a free home Bible study offered by Jehovah’s Witnesses? After all, they really do immerse themselves in living by the Bible and studying it daily.

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